Insurance Information

Insurance Participation
NJ Foot and Ankle Specialists participates in-network with the following insurance plans:

1. Medicare

2. Atlantic Health and St. Barnabas employee health plans

3. Railroad Medicare

NJ Foot and Ankle Specialists is an Out of Network Provider with all other private insurance carriers.

This means:

1.  We will personally contact your insurance carrier and obtain all your insurance coverage benefit details.  We will then discuss any financial responsibility (deductible, co-insurance etc.) with you prior to treatment.

2. Upon request, we will supply an estimate of anticipated treatment costs, including any medical billing codes and their associated costs.

3. We will file claims on your behalf to your insurance company and work with you to collect the amount deemed to be your responsibility by your insurance carrier.

Please know that we fully understand and empathize with the stress that can accompany illness.  Our practice caters to the individual and we will look into every patient's case, regardless of financial status.  We do respect and honor the federal safe harbor provision guidelines as well as offer various forms of payment plan options.

For more information on insurance plans and the difference between the types of insurance coverage, including in-network and out-of-network coverage, please click on the following link.